Fables de la Fontaine NFT
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ERC721 Collection Fables de la Fontaine (CFDLF) on Polygon

What will you get from these NFTs

These NFTs are Unique works from the fables of Jean de la Fontaine

La Fontaine's Fables value into NFTs & DEFI

Allow La Fontaine's Fables value to be empowered by NFT & DEFI revolution

Verified original La Fontaine's Fables

Benefit from unique and original Jean de la Fontaine's Poems.

Fables are directly included into NFT's Metadata

The essence of De la Fontaine's Fables is preserved, now and forever into the blockchain

Project in the hands of the community

To the extent possible under law,Token Art waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to NFT Fables de la Fontaine collection.

Exact La Fontaine's words transcribed

All Fables de la Fontaine's NFT containe exact Poems word. It can then be translated into type of language

Famous Fables NFT's illustration

NFT's Illustration are taken from famous artist such as Gustave Doré, Grandville or Jean-Baptiste Oudry.

What are these NFTs made of

  • Contract address : 0x45F605cB9678A5f344a2AcD31149667e2Ad1f9fC
  • Contract Standard : ERC721
  • Contract Symbol : FDLF
  • Item number : 246
  • Blockchain : Polygon
  • Title : Fables Title
  • Description : Fables
  • Image : Fables Illustration
  • Properties : 3 Recueils & 12 Livres
  • 240 1/1 Fables and 3 Fables issued more than one times

De la Fontaine's Fable and NFT merger impact

These NFTs are exclusive and unique Jean de la Fontaine's Fable.

De la Fontaine Fable NFT identification

In the NFT properties referenced as Livres 1 to 6, NFT represent Jean de la Fontaine adaptation from the classical fabulists Aesop, Babrius and Phaedrus. In these, he adhered to the path of his predecessors with some closeness; but in the later collections (Livre 6 to 12) NFT integrates far more liberty that the author allowed to himself. He features anthropomorphic animals and contain an explicit (presented at the beginning or end of the poem) or implicit moral. It represent an invented genre that breaks with the esopian, evangelical and humanist traditions, where the style and the spirit more than the purpose are intended to be didactic.

A Vision of the DEFI

NFT allows to identify Artwork value and is a direct gate to the DEFI world. Fables de la Fontaine NFT give to the DEFI user a new tool to empower DEFI world

Tokenization of a French Classic Literature who was waiting for that

Jean de La Fontaine collected fables from a wide variety of sources, both Western and Eastern, and adapted them into French free verse. They were issued under the general title of Fables in several volumes from 1668 to 1694 and are considered classics of French literature. Each of the Fables have been illustrated several times by multiple authors. Best illustrator and authentic Fables text was was a generous breeding ground for Fable de la Fontaine NFTs

Historical Wink

"La Fontaine's Fables", wrote Madame de Sévigné,are like a basket of strawberries. You begin by selecting the largest and best, but, little by little, you eat first one, then another, till at last the basket is empty". We aim to give a new taste to these strawberries by converted it into NFTs. Silvestre de Sacy has commented that they supply delights to three different ages: the child rejoices in the freshness and vividness of the story, the eager student of literature in the consummate art with which it is told, the experienced man of the world in the subtle reflections on character and life which it conveys. Reception to the moral aspect has generally been positive, with exceptions such as Rousseau and Lamartine. The book has become a standard French reader both at home and abroad.

About The Creator

These NFT collection is made with love by Tokenart. Tokenart develops specialized licenses for NFTs

The following work aims to demonstrate the possibilities offered by Licenses and in particular that aimed at transferring all copyright within the public domain. To do so, Tokenart has used work that has fallen into the public domain over time having a similar legal effect to works placed in the public domain thanks to this .Creative Common License.

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